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By now career experts advise that you must turn to personal website design instead of building a resume. We help you to make one according to your passion and profession 

Personal website design is just a combination of web pages that an individual creates for himself. By now career experts advise that you must turn to personal websites instead of building a resume. Yes, resumes have turned out to be boring and many companies have started looking to hire people who have a personal website.

If you think on the bright side, you can renew the details on the website whenever you wish to but once you have submitted the resume it’s impossible to renew it. Also having possession of a personal website makes you more vulnerable. That is if a person wants to find you out he just has to Google your name.

personal website designing services

Personal Website Designing

1) Introduction

This portion of your website will include a brief about yourself and your CF to put it together and create a resume website.

2) SEO planned website

We conduct thorough keyword research before developing your website to optimize the language on your site. This will increase the chances of recruiters and employers finding you on Google.

3) Website development

Once every detail is collected and keyword research is finished, we develop your website with efficiency. After that, you will receive it for review, and later after being approved it will be launched.