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Google Analytics Service helps users observe and deal with trends in how their visitors behave.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is known to obtain user data of each visitor by implementing the page tags. In the codes of each page, the developer inserts a javascript page tag that runs in the browser of each visitor. This code collects the data and forwards it to Google’s data Collection server. This further helps marketers generate a detailed and customizable report that can help you track data such as users, Bounce rates, Average session Duration, sessions by channel, Page views, Goal completions, and more. These page tags work as web bugs that fetch data from the user’s browser. And this whole process depends on the cookies, so for the users that have disabled them, you can’t get data.

Why Google Analytics?

If you are holding a business the best way to get customers is to serve what they need. That is if you are already aware of what your customers search for or what they are looking to acquire. You can set up a proposal accordingly and have huge benefits. Understanding customer behavior according to analytics data, can give you a bunch of benefits.

Here is where Google Analytics comes into play. Google Analytics services are nothing but a service offered by Google that can help you track and obtain the reports of the traffic that visits your website. It works with statistical data and basic tools to implement search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google Analytics is generally used by marketers to analyze their website performance and to know who visits it. It is available for free to everyone out there who has a Google account. Not only does it help you know about the traffic but can help you determine the achievement of your recent marketing campaign, track your goals, know the patterns and trends of engagement and obtain demographics related to visitors data.

It is the most useful tool for small to medium-sized business holders as they can analyze the visitor’s needs and behaviors to understand where they lag. With this, they could also focus on improving their next marketing campaign and also techniques.

Google analytics services

What Are the Features of Google Analytics?

There are various features and patterns associated with Google Analytics to help users observe and deal with trends in how their visitors behave. These features help you collect data, monitor, visualize, report, and integrate with other apps. The list of features includes:

  • It has data visualization and monitoring tools such as scoreboards and dashboards. Which change over time and can help you get the exact data for a specific time.
  • They also have data filtering, manipulation and data funnel analysis to help you avoid mess.
  • They also have APIs that use data collection application program interfaces.
  • You can also have the advantages of predictive analysis and intelligence.
  • It can develop custom reports that can help you know changes in audience behavior and conversion rate.
  • Easy email-based sharing and communication.
  • It has an easy integration facility with other Google products to make it efficient.
  • You can view your dashboard on the Google Analytics website and if you want it anywhere else you will need to use plugins or widgets. You can also get customized Google Analytics dashboards with help of professionals.

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Google Analytics Services Provided by Us

Creating a report of your visitors is a time-consuming task and it sucks a lot. Automate your Google Analytics with Blueberry IT solutions to save time and think more about how to generate better results for clients. Don’t waste time understanding those complex spreadsheets and dashboards as they are worthless, instead focus on recommendations to enhance the customer experience. With our services, you can enhance the functioning of your website and know everything is under control.

1) Analytics account setup:

About ten million people are currently using Google Analytics to generate different analytical reports. Setting up an analytics account will need 52 complex clicks, which might make you frustrated enough. While you make an account cookies and javascript are involved in it, which might make the process complex.

We at Blueberry IT solutions can help you out with easily setting up your Google Analytics account. We can help you set up site search and all the rest features including the dashboard to make your site more productive than ever. Here’s what Blueberry It Solutions can do for you:

  • Track your entire marketing journey for better results.
  • Audit the implementation of each tag.
  • Implementation of analytics at each step of customer experience.
  • Tracking of all custom events, dimensions, and more.
  • Tracking all your users across and device.

2) Analytics audit report services:

An analytics audit can help you get a review of the quality of your data, the performance of your tracking code, and the tools that you have enforced. We at Blueberry IT Solutions have a team of professional consultants that can help you with analytics audit reports. Our services help you identify the lags and the hindrances that have led to degradation in the quality of data. Also, we can guide you step by step to overcome it and increase the performance of your site. Analysis audit report services from Blueberry IT solutions can help you out to:

  • Answer the specific questions related to users and the content you publish on your website.
  • Get an idea if you are aligning towards your main goal or not when you have made a shift in your marketing strategy.
  • Get the most out of the current and the latest feature to have best practices and results.

3) Consulting services from our google analytics experts

When you are undertaking to advertise online Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools to help you out with insights. But as it is a tool, there are innumerable terms associated with it. To get the most out of those terms you will need extensive industry knowledge, which you might not have. Here is where consulting services from Blueberry It solutions come into play. We can help you get hands-on knowledge on these terms so that you get the best results out of your reports. Not only knowledge but our experts can help you implement it on your website.

While you start tracking your statistic through Google Analytics you will have thousands of questions in your mind what do these numbers mean? And how do they relate to my website visitors to help me progress better? To get answers to all these questions you will need consulting service from a Google Analytics expert at Blueberry IT Solutions. Our professionals study all the statistics of your website from each possible angle to give you the best support.