10 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook

10 Reasons Why Should Your Business Advertise on Facebook

Ad campaigns are powerful, efficient, and effective to increase sales & brand reputation. However, the question is, where should you advertise for your business? Should you advertise on Facebook?

Choose Facebook Ads, this is the largest social media platform worldwide. Indeed, this application manages 2.91 billion users per month. That’s why corporations love to promote their services through this platform. 

These Days, it is much easier to advertise on Facebook. Indeed, this platform gives you all the required facilities to optimize and manage leads to boost conversion. These facilities help to improve performance, target potential audiences, and capture the global market. Still confused! Why Should Your Business Advertise on Facebook? Check out the top 10 reasons below.

1. Huge Customer Base

Facebook reached 2.91 billion active users in the year 2021. This is the largest social media platform, with over 60.42% of global internet users. If your social media marketing strategy does not include Facebook advertisements, you are missing a lot of potential customers. In short, the customer base is huge compared to other platforms. The growth of this application increased by 20% per year.

Facebook users statistics
Source: statista.com

Facebook is the top pick of global corporations to promote their product or services. Every startup or small business starts its ads campaigns on Facebook.

2. Target Audience

This is the most crucial feature for advertising on Facebook. This platform offers multiple options to specify your audience type. You can pick the following categories before starting the campaign

  • Age
  • Industry
  • Marital status
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Behavior
  • Location
Audience Targeting | Advertising on Facebook
Target Audience

That much specification in Facebook ads helps to target potential audiences that convert. It will help your businesses to get more leads and sales effectively. Most importantly, Facebook contains high-performance algorithms. Indeed, this AI works to track your target audience’s needs and urgency. That’s why Facebook shows related ads to familiar customers. It offers better engagement with your target audience.  

3. Daily promotion

You can promote your product and services daily with Facebook Ads. Unique, attractive, and small content can bring potential leads to your business. Eventually, your brand can reach millions of customers daily from your office zone. If you want to advertise your business on Facebook and looking for a professional Social Media promotion services provider, Blueberry IT Solutions can help you with the same. Users can perform unlimited promotions anytime and anywhere. So there are no limits for promoting your businesses.

4. Track and analyze

Facebook ads give you detailed insights about CTAs, clicks, engagement, and other details. Indeed, you can monitor your audience’s activity with your advertisement. It helps to improve performance for better engagement. There are several options customers get to connect with your ad content. Most common are like, share, comment, clicks, and others. You have multiple choices to optimize Facebook ads as per your customer needs.

5. Cost-effective

There is no doubt that advertising on Facebook is much cheaper than traditional marketing. Most importantly, the audiences are targeted and have multiple optimization choices. Facebook offers two types of charges to run ad campaigns. Either you can go for a lump sum ( customizable based on the budget) or per click cost ( managed by bidding strategy). These facilities make the investment more accessible and better manageable.

6. Brand recognition

As much as people know your business, the brand identity increased enormously. You can create simple, unique, and engaging content and advertise on Facebook, It attracts millions of leads who want to connect with your brand. One viral post can increase click-through rates on your website, store, or apps. People start knowing your brand and try to reach your door. Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most powerful social media platform to bring the heat to your brand name.

7. Business manager

The Facebook business manager is a dashboard that showcases your campaign growth. In a single frame, you can monitor multiple activities efficiently. This tool gives you facilities like scheduling, notification update, conversions, awareness, and more. Indeed, This data helps to improve quality for more engagement.

Most importantly, you can set up both simple and advanced ad solutions through this manager. The most common types are posts booster, page growth, website ads, and promoting CTA’s. In short, you have multiple ad campaign types of winning a massive customer base.

8. Global market

Facebook has 2.91 billion monthly active users. This is 30-40% of the global population. So you can reach millions of customers worldwide. Whether your business is located in Asia, Europe or America doesn’t matter. Facebook is the platform that has a global customer base to attract. That’s why your business growth can go limitless by increasing its popularity. Creative, engaging, and viral content can drive massive traffic to your business.

9. Advanced Solution

Unlike multiple optimizations, Facebook also offers some advanced ad campaign facilities. For example, lead generation to attract customers who are interested in your product. This is a specific type of advertisement to boost sales. Besides, there are multiple types of solutions available on Facebook Ads. Most common are Facebook pixels to track conversion and campaigns for gaining brand awareness.

10. Best Investment

Undoubtedly, Facebook Advertising is the best investment for every business. The marketing is affordable, effective, and efficient. You can bring your services to millions of customers worldwide. Besides, there are several tracking facilities and optimization options available for owners.


So above are the Reasons Why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook. We hope now you get a clear idea about this topic. Keep in mind; that businesses always follow the crowd. More people give more leads and sales to make a profit. However, Facebook is the hub of billions of users worldwide. Most importantly, you can select only targeted audiences through this platform. It will boost the chances of getting huge sales like never before.

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