What Is The Future of SEO in The Next Decade?

What is the future of seo in the next decade

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the core elements of a successful Digital Marketing Strategy. Proper SEO strategy gives you better visibility & higher ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and the other hand poor SEO campaigning is nothing but wastage of marketing budget and time.

It is said that SEO is continuously changing its trends every year. So it is always recommended to keep updating the SEO strategies understand the present situation of the market and also pretend its future.

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be the prime object of SEO

Marketers are using Artificial Intelligence AI more recently but it has been present for a very long time. The reason behind its fast-growing popularity is the significant traction it has achieved in past few years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only used for only one purpose, it can be used for different aspects of digital marketing and also for the well-being of SEO in several ways. The AI–the powered algorithm will incline you to choose high-quality content so it is important to integrate these beside your SEO- specific elements like keywords. Moreover, you should create high-quality content keeping value to your audience. AI will become the prime object of SEO and be more popular in the coming future.

2. Mobile SEO will be more focused

Consumer habits are changing vigorously as marketers approach their content creation. Nowadays a huge number of searches are done on mobiles including content for which the various elements of the website need to be mobile optimized. Optimizing your website only on the desktop can be fruitless without reaching the audience.

Contrary, it will be more beneficial if you optimize your website for mobile such as;

  • Not all of your competitors optimize their website for mobile, there you will gain a profit by highlighting your website on mobile.
  • You will increase your exposure on mobile searches and reach your targeted audience.
  • You will always be updating your SEO according to the latest SEO strategy.

3. Video content will be more reliable

Video content is the most preferred form of content and it is also the most trending in search engines. Google is getting smarter for analyzing content and AI tools are helping to analyze video content and also optimize it for search engines.

On the other hand, if you check YouTube itself is a search engine. There are millions of searches done on YouTube daily, and it is also the second most used search engine after Google. Videos can be made on your strategies and without being reliable on YouTube as a platform of promotion. You can optimize your video content for search engines just like you do optimization with keywords.

4. The friction of Voice search

Voice search is a combination of two major SEO trends mentioned above that is AI optimization and mobile-friendly SEO optimization. Customer who uses mobile search more often these days are pretending to use voice search also. Voice search is a similar skyward version of using AI and mobile search.

The popularity of voice search is tied to voice assistants. There are many options available in the market for voice assistants from Apple Siri to Google Assistant to Amazons Alexa to Microsoft Cortana. And, using a voice assistant means anything like playing a song or what is the temperature tomorrow or some kind of information that your website can provide?

When someone asks for information from the virtual assistant the assistant will perform a search. Start optimizing your content not just for sensitive toothpaste also for which toothpaste is best for a sensitive tooth?

Backlinking is one of the major elements of SEO. Your website and other separate web pages will rank high on search engine results with a strong profile link. Day by day search engines are getting smarter and backlinks are gaining more attention.

Instead of getting many backlinks from different low profile websites try to get one backlink from a high profile website. It will help to increase your visuality on search engines and give you a rank high on the Search engine result page (SERP). The standard of backlink helps to grow your reputation and it effectively enhances your SEO profile.

6. The Popularity of Multichannel Marketing

SEO is becoming miscellaneous paving on different ways of multichannel marketing strategy. When you design your digital marketing strategy into multichannel marketing you get the chance to cross-promote these channels. You can boost your website’s SEO with the help of social media, improving your social media marketing with email campaigning.

Multi-channel marketing needs more attention and planning but if properly done it will be more beneficial in the near future.

Final perception

Simultaneously, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continuous to be a part of digital marketing. So always keep heading towards the changing trend to future proof your SEO campaign and to build success in the online business.